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Nov 21, 2018 · Your doctor or other health care provider can give you important feedback so that you learn to isolate and exercise the correct muscles. In some cases, vaginal weighted cones or biofeedback might help. To use a vaginal cone, you insert it into your vagina and use pelvic muscle contractions to hold it in place during your daily activities.

Engaging in this exercise for 21 days should produce the best results. Not only does set of workout benefit your lady bits, it also helps you improve the tone of your legs, back, and core. It’s an all-around exercise that is easy to do at home. 6. Yoga. Performing yoga on a regular basis is enough for toning vaginal muscles.

Mar 29, 2017 · 3 Vagina Exercises Your Sex Life Will Thank You For. By Suzannah Weiss. Exercise in general is good for your sex life Vaginal weights like LELO's Kegel Training Intimins or Je Joue's Ami Author: Suzannah Weiss.