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Nowadays, amateur boxing is sometimes called Olympic-style boxing (now an official term,) though not to be confused with Olympic boxing, which definitely being a part of amateur boxing, could be defined as its highest level, on the verge of amateur and professional boxing, with the Olympians often being compared to top-ranked professionals in.

Apr 03, 2011 · Boxing is tough, I know. But just exactly HOW tough? I spoke to several boxing trainers and from what they all told me, here is the bare minimum for anybody looking to fight in amateur boxing competition. This here is the VERY MINIMUM you should at least be able to do all in one day if you want to compete at the amateur level.

Many people who watch amateur boxing only consider punches thrown, and don’t judge the quality, accuracy, or effectiveness of the shots.The shot must be thrown, land — with weight behind it — in the right place with the right part of the glove, and not be opposed.Boom. 4. A standing 8-count is not an automatic scoring deduction.