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The 18th century spawned some of the most scandalous erotic novels in all of literature. These works, spanning from 1700 to 1800, contained graphic scenes that stirred public disbelief and outrage. Given the time period in which they were published, it is no surprise that these novels were received with utter shock and, in some instances, banned altogether.

Jun 02, 2014 · A few pictures from the 18th century erotic calendar You may remember that Gustafs Skål produced a calendar for 2013 and both I and J were involved. The theme was erotic, but the 18 th century way, with a raised hemline there and a stolen kiss there. 2013 is long since over, so I thought I should show you a few of the pictures.Author: Isis.

When we think of 19th century artwork, a particular type of image hops to mind, often involving beards, Christian allusions, lots of sad people and a smoky palette. Kind of like this 1847 work by Mihály Zichy, entitled "Lifeboat." But if you think all the 1800s had to offer in the ways of art was Author: Priscilla Frank.