- ahmed johnson vs nation of domination


ahmed johnson vs nation of domination

The Legion of Doom and Ahmed Johnson use everything from a 2x4 wooden plank to a fire extinguisher in a Chicago Street Fight with the Nation of Domination at WrestleMania 13 .

Oct 25, 2015 · In Simmons defence he did run with the gimmick as best as he could but he wouldn’t establish himself in WWF until he’s gimmick morphed into the militant leader for he’s Nation of Domination. After 4 months out by ‘Faarooq’s attack’, Ahmed Johnson was cleared to return to face off with Faarooq flanked by his army and they were scheduled in to finally face off at The Royal Rumble .

November 9, 1997 – Survivor Series: Ahmed Johnson, Ken Shamrock & The Legion Of Doom (Road Warrior Animal and Road Warrior Hawk) defeated The Nation Of Domination (D-Lo Brown, Faarooq, Kama Mustafa and The Rock) in a Survivor series elimination tag team match.