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Mar 31, 2019 · Here is the cold hard truth, "Sex Sells." Hate or love it, sex attracts the eye more than any other type of advertisement. We are sexual beings, therefore are attracted to sexually related subjects, jokes, and other matters. Many companies use the sex concept in their favor, while adding a humorous element to it. Making you laugh and find the sexual cleverness of the advertisement, will most Author: Igor.

Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 sexy banned commercials. For this list, we’re looking at commercials that the censors banned from television, regardless of region, due to their sexual nature or hints of sexuality that were deemed too racy for small screen audiences.

Sexy advertisements are up in magazines from Playboy to Time and Newsweek to Esquire, according to new research from the University of Georgia. Since 1983, the percent of ads using sex to sell Author: Stephanie Pappas.