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Vicodin's Sexual Side Effects effects sexual side vicodin

Vicodin Research. However, as more research continues to be conducted on Vicodin, more worries have begun to crop up about its use and side effects. One of the more worrisome is the potential for Vicodin’s sexual side effects. Vicodin is primarily a heavy narcotic and as such has often been used as a .

Long Term Effects of Vicodin. In the long-term, Vicodin has the ability to make people overlook the negative side effects while only focusing on the observed positive effects. This is accomplished through the drug's interaction with the body's reward system. It creates the desire to obtain the substance to replicate the wanted feeling while.

Aug 23, 2013 · Are there any sexual side Are there any sexual side effects while taking Norco? Asked by mlb236 Updated 11 September 2013 Topics norco, vicodin, side effect, orgasm. i am a 56 yr o woman with a wonderful. partner. have been taking Vicodin 5/500 for @ 8 mo Next week starting Norco 7/325 took oxy for a while desire and orgasm a.