Cold-rolled steel strip - coated cold rolled steel strip


plated cold rolled steel strips - Franz Holz coated cold rolled steel strip

Strip Steel or cold rolled strip is a steel product that is produced from a hot rolled strip that has been pickled. Well known for its forming and deep drawing capabilities, strip steel is used for a variety of industrial applications.

Stainless Steel Coated Products HRPO & "One Pass" Tempered & Cold Rolled Steel Annealed Spring, Tempered & Hard Rolled Steel Copper & Brass Products Phospor Bronze & Nickel Silver Beryllium Copper Bright Basic Wire (BBW) Alloy Strip (4130, 4140, 6150, 10B38) High Strength Low Alloy - HSLA Aluminum Strip 1018 Thin Flat Cold Finished Bars Bus Bars.

Electro nickel plated cold rolled steel strip Through a thermal treatment the nickel coat generates a permanent connection with the base material. Concerning the specifications of function and corrosion a constant nickel coat ensures corrosion protection. The composite of steel and nickel remains as per its homogeneity after forming.