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May 27, 2009 · Other than munching on some pine tree needles, the Ten Lined June Beetle will not do you nor your home any harm. It will not bite. It is not poisonous, and it will not move into your home to procreate. The grubs live underground and feed on the roots of a variety of plants, but they are never numerous enough to cause damage.

The California prionus beetle, also called the prionus root borer, is a large, boring insect whose larva feed on the roots of a variety of trees and shrubs-- among them oak, cherry, cottonwood, peach, plum, poplar, prune, English and black walnut, and some conifers-- often killing them.The beetles on this page were found around black locust, maple and ponderosa pine trees, and antelope.

A large brown beetle that makes a hissing noise and has serrated feelers flew? The brown beetle with white stripes that I saw, seems to be a Ten-lined June Beetle. Hoverflies have a brown.