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Modern Muzzleloader marlin mls 50 field strip

How do you disassemble a marlin MLS-50 muzzleloader? remove the 2 bolts for the stock and then the 2 bolts that hold the trigger onto the barrel. Remove the large cap on the back of the barrel.

Owner’s Manual. 1 ˘ C o m m a n d m e n t In the field. On the range. Or in your home. Please take the time to review and understand these rules. A T˘a ˆ P ˘ ˘ a a Sa ˆ˝. Your rifle has been made to Marlin’s strict standards of safety and reliability. It has been proof tested.

Sub-base mounts scope to side of receiver, provides additional clearance for bolt handles, easier loading and ejection. Long and Short bases give.