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Q: Do we have snakes in the USVI? A: “Yes, five species on St. Thomas: Puerto Rican Racer, the Garden Snake, the endangered Virgin Islands Boa, the Blind Snake, plus the non-native Corn Snake. St. John does not have the Virgin Islands Boa, Corn Snake, or the Racer (but there may be the odd sighting of the latter), and St. Croix only has the Blind Snake and another non-native blind snake the.

If you really were wondering about snakes, yes they are here but they are quite rare. In fact the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service list the Virgin Islands Tree Boa as an endangered species. There are also small garden snakes but seeing them is also fairly uncommon. .

Epicrates (Chilabothrus) monensis granti, Virgin Island tree boa Epicrates (Chilabothrus) monensis monensis, Mona Island boa Epicrates (Chilabothrus) striatus, Hispaniolan boa.