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i have been experiencing pain in my clitoris and generally in this area. It's a sharp pain that happens with the lightest touch, crossing my legs, or from wearing tight pants. I've never had this before and i'm wondering what it is. Also i've noticed the hood of the clitoris when .

About 3 years ago I would start to get these uti's like everyday for about a week, then they will go away. They keep coming every year it seems like, but i dont think its a uti because my clitoris is so sensitive, when i wipe it bothers me, when i walk alot it bothers me, ive been to the doctor and it tested out to be a uti, but if i had a uti why is my clitoris so sensitive.

I am 44 - female, happily married and good sex life. Late Nov, I noticed that I was having issues getting excited & having an orgasm. It was taking longer and was not as sensitive. In mid December and up to now, I have no sensitivity what-so-ever, basically my clitoris is broken.