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Pipe) 3 Intumescent Sealant CP611A CP670 Firestop Board 1 hour 4 Intumescent Sealant CP611A Solid Floors 3 hour 5 Intumescent Sealant CP611A Additional Properties 6 Intumescent Wrap CP648-E Installation Instructions 7 Intumescent Wrap CP648-E Solid Wall, Solid Floor 4 hour 8 Intumescent Wrap CP648-E CP 670 Firestop Board 90 min.

Protect your plastic pipe penetrations. In the event of a fire onboard, a plastic pipe can soften, melt and leave a hole in the deck or bulkhead through which the fire and smoke can escape. Roxtec pipe sealing solutions are designed to plug or block the hole created by the disappearing plastic pipe in order to reduce the risk of the fire.

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