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Smelly penis: 6 causes and how to treat them foul smelling discharge from penis

Jun 18, 2019 · Discharge from the penis can be watery and clear, or opaque and cloudy containing pus and even blood. Penile discharge can vary a lot: It can be thin, thick and a range of colors from clear to white, yellow, or tinted with blood.

Foul smelling vaginal discharge is a symptom in which the material coming from a woman's vagina has somewhat of a bad odor. This type of discharge can be due to a Trichomoniasis infection, although sometimes a woman will have more than one type of problem/infection in her vagina. A foreign object such as a forgotten tampon in the vagina can also create a bad odor.

about the penis. Urinary tract infection — this causes foul-smelling urine, and since urine exits the penis, then this foul smell can make its way onto the male organ. Ketonuria (in diabetics) — the urine contains ketone bodies (byproducts of fatty acid breakdown).