- mature fine tailings density


mature fine tailings density

Because the archaea and bacteria metabolize and release bubbles within the tailings, the pore water can go through the soil easily. Since they accelerate the densification of mature fine tailings, the tailings ponds are enabled to settle the solids more quickly so that the tailings can be reclaimed earlier.

Fluid fine tailings (FFT) are soft tailings produced by the bitumen extraction process associated with open-pit oil sands mining. Oil sands mine operators have proposed the use of end pit lakes (EPLs) to contain soft tailings and Syncrude Canada Ltd. has developed the first EPL in the industry.Cited by: 1.

(coarse and fine) and two copper tailings (coarse and fine). Compared to the copper tailings, the iron tailings showed higher compressibility, lower permeability, lower strength, and lower cyclic resistance. With the decrease in void ratio, the coefficient of consolidation almost kept constant for the fine iron tailings, whereas for the fine.