Satellite Base Stations - computer controlled amateur satellite station


Portable Satellite Station 2.0 - Satellite Antenna System computer controlled amateur satellite station

The new Icom IC-9700 transceiver has begun shipping and we've recently added one to our Portable Station. The addition of the IC-9700 completes a key part of our Satellite Station 4.0 upgrade plans. The IC-9700 is based upon Icom's direct sampling SDR platform. It supports all modes of operation on the 2m, 70cm, and 23 cm.

Satellite Antena System Components. Computer Controlled Satellite Station via MacDoppler Software. We decided to take a computer controlled approach for both antenna aiming and Transceiver VFO management. This was done to meet our goal of making the station simple to .

Mar 09, 2018 · With the construction of our Portable Satellite Station 3.0 complete, we’ve been looking forward to an opportunity to test the new setup. We chose the Nashua Area Radio Society’s recent Technician License Class as a good time to both test the new stations and to acquaint our Tech Class grads with one of the many things that they can do with their new licenses – amateur satellite operations.