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in the case of section 1250 property with respect to which a mortgage is insured under section 221(d)(3) or 236 of the National Housing Act, or housing financed or assisted by direct loan or tax abatement under similar provisions of State or local laws and with respect to which the owner is subject to the restrictions described in section 1039(b)(1)(B) (as in effect on the day before the date.

A.B.Dick - Heidelberg - Multilith - Ryobi Printing Press Parts Page. Order your printing press parts and supplies using our PayPal shopping cart system. Bud's has sold and serviced A.B.Dick, Heidelberg, Multilith, Ryobi/Itek, and T-51 printing presses since 1982.

AB Dick 350/M-1250 Blanket [PSDBDAY350] - ABD-350/M-1250 15-3/16 X 10 SLTD DAY BLANKET.