Karl Rove says he didn't engineer anti-gay marriage amendments. He did. - rove memo rnc wedge issue gay


Bush Campaign Chief and Former RNC Chair Ken Mehlman: I'm Gay - The Atlantic rove memo rnc wedge issue gay

Aug 25, 2010 · He comes out of the closet and talks about gay marriage, Karl Rove, and more. a wedge issue within the party's activist circles. he stepped down from the Republican National Committee Author: Marc Ambinder.

Mar 11, 2010 · Guys. You all thought Karl Rove was the guy who masterminded making gay marriage a wedge issue in the 2004 White House race, but he sooo is not responsible for making it .

Jun 16, 2016 · Donald Trump Is Turning Wedge Issues on His Own Party congressman’s efforts to “find an issue that would drive a wedge friend of the gay .