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A re-write of one of my first stories. Original summary: Dawn's living a totally normal life. Contests, training, the whole thing. However, all of that will change forever when she experiences a very fun night. A Trainer and his Pokemon, a boy and his Eevee, traversing the world together like partners always do. #Beware of heated gay.

A rough beginning. This is not your typical Pokemon journey story. By request of anon, Scarlett meets a swarm! Scarlet Meets An Energetic Electrike! An innocent Umbreon crosses paths with a Houndoom. A fresh trainer gets a lesson in bondage by Cofagrigus. and other exciting erotic at!

Aug 30, 2013 · He came out that he was gay, but can't come out about his other sexuality. He is a Pokephiliac. When he runs across his two male fox Pokemon Eevee and Fennekin, he joins in with them and has a bit of fun! Lemon Gay Pokemon sex YAOI M/M/M pokemonxpokemonxhuman threesome and pokemonxpokemon Changed name because I didn't like the name.