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The biggest difference between a civil union and a marriage is the fact that these protections are only recognized on the state level. Civil Union vs. Marriage. Couples who are legally married enjoy many more benefits than those who are engaged in a civil union. When comparing a civil union vs. marriage, marriages have the following advantages.

Civil unions and domestic partnerships exist in only a handful of places like New Jersey and Oregon. Vermont was the first state to create civil unions in 2000 to provide legal protections to gays and lesbians in relationships in that state because same-sex marriage was not an option.

The process of dissolving a civil union generally follows the same steps as divorce for a married couple. An exception to this is the state of Vermont, which has completely separate legal procedures for divorces and a dissolution of a civil union. However, various legal hurdles can sometimes arise when trying to dissolve a civil union.Author: Alexis Watts.