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Mar 15, 2019 · Beef bottom roast is an economical cut that is a good choice for crock-pot cookery. The rather tough cut of meat should be seasoned well before slow-cooking for several hours. This method will result in a tender, flavorful roast that can provide dinner tonight and sandwiches tomorrow.

A top round beef roast is a practical cut with great marbling, full flavor, and very little waste. If you purchase a boneless top round roast, you can be sure of getting the most for your dollar. The top round roast is a great choice for a weekend meal, and is versatile enough to provide many options for leftovers.

It is a flavorful cut from the top round muscle. The top round roast is also known as a rump roast. Braising or pot roasting is the preferred method of cooking because the round roast is somewhat chewy unless it is cooked slowly with a tight cover and a small amount of liquid. The cooked roast carves nicely, yielding full, flavorful slices.