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FCC Registered Amateur Radio Licenses in Cincinnati, Ohio - Ham Radio cincinnati slackers amateur radio club

The slackers net is an informal net and all licensed amateurs are welcome to join the net however all participants are expected to be courteous and follow the FCC Part 97 rules. Slackers have visited this site Slackers Amateur radio ARPSC.

Finding contact information on these amateur radio clubs is easy enough. A quick search on any of the callbook style web sites such as QRZ.com will do the trick. If you are an officer of one of these clubs you can update the information on the club using the contact form link available on the right side of menu bar at the top of this page.

Hamilton County Amateur Radio Public Service Corps. Tri-State Amateur Traffic Net. Grant Amateur Radio Club. Greater Cincinnati Amateur Radio Club. OH-KY-IN Amateur Radio Society. Cincinnati FM Club. Cincinnati Repeater Association. Queen City Emergency Net. University of Cincinnati Amateur Radio Club. Bethel Amateur Radio Association. Butler.