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The U.S. Virgin Islands is much more than beautiful beaches and exquisite shopping. The islands are a treasure of history and culture dating back thousands of years.Upon arriving in 1493 during his second voyage from Europe, Christopher Columbus named the archipelago the "Virgin Islands" after the legend about Saint Ursula and her eleven thousand virgins.

Nov 25, 2014 · Those who had been made in lodges to the East and South of St.Thomas, under the jurisdiction of one of the English Grand Lodges, could not attend or affiliate with the Danish lodges because of their racial and religious restrictions. The Danish lodges would not allow either Jews or free-coloreds to join.

Rarely does a document speak as loudly as the 1803 registration of the Free-colored community of Charlotte Amalie. It gives a remarkably complete picture of a distinct part of the population of the island of St. Thomas in the Danish West Indies at that time, and most of .