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The best time to strip a boat bottom is winter. After everyone, including yourself, has their boats wrapped up tight, it's time to let the bottom paint fly and the hull dry! Pricing for bottom paint stripping varies from $20/ft to $30+/ft. Some factors that will determine the cost are: size of boat, type of paint on the bottom, number of paint.

Aug 15, 2018 · The bottom paint will eliminate the growth of organisms while your boat is in the water. Of course, there is a separate fee for this, mostly due to the fact that special paints are used for bottom painting. Bottom painting, depending on the condition of the existing paint coat can cost $25 to $50 per foot. Bottom paint stripping.

The shop that services my boat charges $10/foot. I had them paint my bottom this year which involved lifting the boat off the trailer and applying two coats of multi-season paint I provided. I was charged about $200 labor, 21 foot boat. Paint cost me $165 for the gallon, Micron Extra with Biolux, all was used.