Breast Cancer Spread to the Liver Symptoms & Treatment - liver cancer after breast cancer


Breast Cancer Metastasis to Liver: Symptoms and Diagnosis liver cancer after breast cancer

Secondary breast cancer in the liver happens when breast cancer cells spread to the liver. It can also be known as liver metastases. When breast cancer spreads to the liver, it can be treated but cannot be cured. Treatment aims to control and slow down the spread of the cancer.

Jun 20, 2019 · Sign in to receive recommendations (Learn more) When breast cancer moves into the liver, it often doesn’t cause symptoms. It may first be picked up by liver function tests, which are blood tests that measure certain levels of enzymes and proteins in the blood. Abnormal levels can indicate liver disease or damage.

Surgery. You might have chemotherapy or a targeted cancer drug before or after your operation. Before surgery, it is sometimes possible to encourage the healthy part of the liver to grow. This helps to make sure there is enough liver left afterwards and can reduce the risk of liver failure.Author: Cancer Research UK.