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Tumescent breast reduction totally by local anesthesia is only appropriate for a certain subset of women. However, for the appropriate patient, the results of tumescent liposuction can be extremely gratifying. The best candidates for breast reduction by tumescent liposuction have breasts that contain a .

Laser Lipo Breast Reduction is a safe alternative to traditional breast reduction surgery in selected cases. It may be performed with twilight sleep anesthesia combined with local anesthesia. Since the female breast is about 50% fat, a one to three cup reduction in size can be obtained using liposuction alone.

If you’re considering breast reduction surgery in San Francisco. Breast Reduction: The Liposuction Option. Liposuction, or suction lipectomy, is fundamentally a surgical technique for removing fat from the body.In the last several years, significant advances have been made in both equipment and surgical techniques, including breast reduction surgery.