- calculation of penetration depth in cecu2si2


calculation of penetration depth in cecu2si2

THE CALCULATION OF PROTON PENETRATION AND DOSE RATES by Martin 0. Burrell George C. Marshall Space Flight Center Huntsville, Alabama ABSTRACT Computational methods are developed.to determine the proton energy degradation and flux attenuation as a function of penetration depth in various rra terials.

CALCULATION OF THE PENETRATION DEPTH AND ELECTROMAGNETIC ABSORPTION EDGE FOR STRONG-COUPLING SUPERCONDUCTORSt J. C. SWIHART and W. SHAW Department of Physics, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana 47401 USA Synopsis We have calculated the electromagnetic response function for various cases for a model of lead, both for the pure metal and a Cited by: 14.

This effect is known as the "skin effect." The depth at which eddy current density has decreased to 1/e, or about 37% of the surface density, is called the standard depth of penetration (d). Although eddy currents penetrate deeper than one standard depth of penetration, they decrease rapidly with depth.