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How to identify workplace harassment identifying sexual harassment

Oct 19, 2016 · However, sexual harassment law has been developed the most in the area of workplace harassment. Sometimes sexual harassment is obvious, for example, an offer of a favor at work in exchange for sex. But identifying harassment can be more complicated when you are dealing with sexual jokes, offensive comments, or flirtation.89%(9).

Sexual harassment is only one type of harassment, and it, along with all other forms of harassment, should not be allowed in your workplace. Harassment of any kind has no place in the workplace. If you're an employer subject to federal anti-discrimination laws, you have a legal obligation to provide.

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a widespread problem in the United States. According to a poll conducted by ABC News and the Washington Post, 33 million women in the United States have been sexually harassed at work, and 95% of female respondents reported that the male perpetrator went unpunished. That same poll found that more than half Author: Heather Levin.