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John Ridley (– 25 November ) was an English miller, inventor, landowner, investor, farming machinery manufacturer, farmer and preacher who lived in Australia between and He is best known for the development, manufacture and invention of "Ridley's Stripper", a machine that removed the heads of grain, with the threshing being done later by a separate machine.

May 24,  · The Ridley stripper saved farmers the labourious task of harvesting the wheat by hand. The stripper was horse-drawn, so allowed quicker and more efficient harvesting. There was a lengthy debate about the invention of the stripper harvester a farmer, John Wrathall Bull, claimed that he had invented the stripper.

The stripper plucks the ears of grain (generally wheat) without winnowing, and leaving the straw standing. The first strippers were drawn by bullocks and consisted of a large, wheeled, box-like machine with a row of spiked prongs in front and with a long pole at the back of the machine for steering.