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Indian Runner ducks have a long, wedge-shaped head. The bill blends into the head smoothly being as straight as possible from bean to the back of the skull. The head is shallower than what is seen with most other breeds of duck. This effect gives a racy appearance, a breed Comb type: None.

Many ducks hybridize easily and when domestic escapees or Easter ducklings are introduced to wild populations (an irresponsible act), exact species bloodlines get even more confusing. Birders can keep track of the duck species they see, however, and the list below can help you determine just how many pure ducks you have added to your life list.

The birds of Asia are diverse.. The taxonomy of this list adheres to James Clements' Birds of the World: A Checklist, 6th edition.Taxonomic changes are on-going. As more research is gathered from studies of distribution, behaviour, and DNA, the order and number of families and species may change.Furthermore, different approaches to ornithological nomenclature have led to concurrent systems of.