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Pee-gasm: What Is It? peeing sensation in female after masturbation

Peeing after penetrative sex is one step that can help prevent UTIs — but do you have to after masturbating, too? a specialist in female urology at New like your vagina. Now, if you're Author: Cory Stieg.

A tingling sensation after urination in females may indicate a vaginal infection, especially if there is isolated pain when peeing, without an increase in frequency or urgency. STIs have similar symptoms to UTIs, so you’ll need to see a doctor, who’ll do a physical examination and possibly urinalysis to .

Sep 08, 2009 · Peeing After Masturbation. By Irishguy42730582 | 43 posts, i masturbate i always need to urinate but the problem is the pee is a murky yellow colour and right near the end of peeing there is a little bit of blood at the end. this has only happened once to me, and im worried. i havn't had any sexual intercourse in my life so far so its.