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Mar 27, 2015 · Don't be ashamed to purchase these slim fit Hugger condoms. Hugger slimmer fit condoms are lubricated and slender providing unbeatable comfort and desired sensation for the less than only feel great average size. Be sure that your condom will not, but stay put during intercourse. No more issues with condoms falling off.2.8/5(2).

The Hugger Slimmer Fit Lubricated Condom provides a slender fit that feels the best and stays in place when you need it most. It is made of a high-quality latex and lubricated for your comfort and sensitivity.Brand: Sheer Thin.

May 06, 2015 · No longer do they have to worry about this. Condoms are now being produced in various sizes and styles. The new Hugger Sheer Thin Slimmer Fit Lubricated Condom is a condom designed for a smaller johnson. Men there is no need to worry about the label on .