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Tibial torsion in non-arthritic Indian adults: A computer tomography study of 100 limbs tibial torsion in adults

I recently viewed your video “tibial torsion audio” on youtube and was directed to your website thebodyseries.com; I was amazed to realize that the dancer in the video seemed to have the same problem as me, where she did not stand evenly on her legs, and in a demi pliet the knee turned inward in relation to the foot.

Tibial torsion is assessed by measuring the thigh-foot angle, if the foot is shaped normally. The normal tibial angle in older children and adults is 10 to 20 degrees of out-toeing. Internal tibial torsion usually corrects itself in the first 6 to 12 months of walking. If the internal tibial .

Tibial torsion is the term used when the distal axis is drawn with the help of reference points on the tibia only. 1,4,7,25 In contrast, in tibio-fibular torsion, both tibia and fibula are used to draw distal axis. 18,20,26,30 Rosen et al., 18 gave the concept of tibio-fibular torsion rather than tibial torsion.