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A belt is just leather, so the spanking does not need to be limited to just her bottom.   The upper thighs are more than fleshy enough to sustain hard strokes with a belt and it also allows a parent to adjust the spanking at any given moment.

It was a wide, thick, well-worn leather belt, coiled on a folding table, lying next to a flaking pair of cowboy boots and what I surmised were a set of old branding irons. The belt was far more robust than anything you typically see today, but it was so weathered and broken in .

A sturdy leather belt is the most effective belt for providing the proper amount of discipline to a teen girl’s bottom. When it comes to really getting results, the thicker the belt the better. Certainly not all punishments require a severe spanking, but it is better to have too much belt, as opposed to too little.