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Sexy Sims is Mod the Sims sister site, designed for the purpose of hosting content that is designed for over 18, and thus might cause support methods such as Paypal to withdraw funding. Donations there are made via credit card only. But, I found not all the content there to be offensive to my prudish sensibilities.

Adult Toys - Sims 3 (decor or otherwise) I'm sure this has been asked before, but I can't find any threads/forums discussing it and I'm not really good at using this site sorry. I want to download sex toys to my sims 3 game.

There is, however, a game in Europe (available in the States on Ebay) called "Singles - Flirt Up Your Life" and its sequel, "Singles 2 - Triple Trouble." These games are REMARKABLY similar to Sims 2. In most ways, I like "Sims 2" better, because it allows for more creativity.