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Jul 27, 2017 · Signs & Symptoms of Rat Poisoning in Humans. Rat poison products generally kill rats by causing them to bleed to death internally. Thus one of the key ingredients in rat poison is typically an anticoagulant, which promotes the thinning of the blood in rats. Anticoagulants also have the same effect on the blood of humans.

Rat poison contains a variety of ingredients that work together to kill rodents; however, these substances are also lethal to humans if ingested. The amount of time it takes for symptoms to appear depends upon the amount of rat poison ingested and the number of days it is ingested.

The first risk of rat poison comes from the presence of it. If a patient had the potential for ingesting rat poison—you discover that a container of rat poison spilled in the cabinet and potentially contaminated people food, for example—that would be a reason to consider the possibility.