What are Somatic Cells? (with pictures) - nucleus of an adult somatic cell


nucleus of an adult somatic cell

The fact that the nucleus from an adult somatic cell cell can be used to create all of the cell types in a new organism demonstrates the development depends upon A.) the position of cells within an embryo B.) the control of gene expression C.) the deposition of materials in the extra cellular matrix D. The timing of mitosis and meiosis.

A somatic cell (from the Greek σῶμα sôma, meaning "body") or vegetal cell is any biological cell forming the body of an organism; that is, in a multicellular organism, any cell other than a gamete, germ cell, gametocyte or undifferentiated stem cell.

ADULT E’HOGS FROM SINGLE SOMATIC CELL NUCLEI 257 surrounds the nuclei of all postblastula cells destined to give rise directly to germ cells, but is lacking from all somatic cells (Blackler, 1958). Some of the frogs described below are derived from the nuclei.