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Mar 17, 2007 · New Adult Winks! Free Sexy and Naughty MSN Winks added. New Adult and Sexy Winks. We've added brand new Adult Winks to the Adult Smileys installer for Messenger!. As you install the Adult Emoticons and Display Pictures, you will now also have the option of installing these additional Adult Winks to Messenger.

Free MSN Winks. Since the release of MSN Messenger 7 in late 2004, It's MSN Winks have been one of the most well-liked features. MSN Winks are the MSN animations that you can send and receive in MSN Messenger 7, they consist of animation and sound. MSN Winks take expressions within a conversation to a whole new level (far beyond those of.

Free MSN Winks. Winks are one of the coolest new features in MSN Messenger 7! MSN Winks are colorful animations (usually with sound effects) that you can send to your contacts in conversations. These winks can be expressive, funny or just plain silly.