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Jul 17, 2019 · A Malpighian tubule is an anatomical structure found in the digestive system of insects that live on land. Usually, these tubules excrete solid waste products, creating an efficient way for the insect to expel toxins and products left over from the breakdown of the insect’s food. Sometimes, a.

Malpighian tubule Malpighian tubule, in insects, any of the excretory organs that lie in the abdominal body cavity and empty into the junction between midgut and hindgut. In species having few malpighian tubules, they are long and coiled; in species with numerous (up to 150) tubules, they are short.

The Malpighian tubules are the site of urine formation in all insects except the Collembola, Thysanura, and aphids. The Malpighian tubules are tubular epithelia that are diverticulae (outpocketed extensions) of .