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Humiliation Trilogy: Sissy Baby Husbands husband turned into an adult baby

Jul 23, 2015 · With all the events that had transpired today she was reaching her limit, and now this fresh revelation that her husband as well as losing his responsibilities as an adult with regards to work, he had also apparently wet the bed. She headed into the shower, still shocked, and turned on the hot water and stood in there thinking about what to do.

too embarrassed to discuss this with her and also too worried that she might react with disgust and loathing. He was wrong. She didn't mind the size of the baby, she just wanted a baby to care for: if that baby was her husband, then so be it. She'd love and care for him every bit as much as a new born.

She accidentally breaks the seal and releases the spirit within. The genie grants her unnamed wish and transforms her husband. When his wife invites her male lover over to spend the night, the man is told of her plans for him. Conscience of the King. An immature man is enchanted into a baby by his witch wife.