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This ever-so-sweet melon arrives early, making it a good choice for northern gardens with short seasons. Bred at the University of Minnesota in the 1940s, the small 4" melon's thick, meaty, golden yellow flesh boasts excellent flavor and a high sugar content. Perfect for smaller gardens, the compact vines grow to only 3' and produce prolifically.3.7/5(3).

We have grown Minnesota Midget for 4 years now and it continues to be a favorite. They ripen earlier than most melons due to the small size and they are great for just one person. These are a favorite on our farm stand. Very good flavor when picked at peak. At perfect maturity they will typically only last a few days un-refrigerated.4/5(48).

This delightful little melon introduced in 1948 by the University of Minnesota produces loads of 4 fruit, sweet and juicy to the rind. Melons in general, love long, hot seasons, but this variety is specially suited to areas with a short growing season, though it can be grown anywhere. Compact, 36 plants are great for containers. Plants are Fusarium wilt resistant.5/5(2).