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fluorosilicone acrylate latex

There are three main categories of contact lenses, based on the materials they are made of: soft contacts, rigid gas permeable (GP) contacts, and hybrid contact lenses. What soft contact lenses are made of Soft contacts are made of pliable hydrophilic ("water-loving") plastics called hydrogels.

Acrylate polymers are a group of polymers noted for their transparency, resistance to breakage, and elasticity. They are also commonly known as acrylics or polyacrylates.Acrylate polymer is commonly used in cosmetics such as nail polish as an adhesive.

OVERVIEW of Fluorosilicone Rubber: Fluorosilicone, FVMQ, Fluorosilicone Rubber Products Fluorosilicone rubber is primarily specified for gasket applications requiring the broad temperature range and age resistance of silicone rubber - along with resistance to fuels, coolants and oils that would damage silicone rubber.4/5(1).