- florida law adult protective services rights


florida law adult protective services rights

Adult Protective Services REPORT ADULT ABUSE - IT’S A CRIME! Call: 1-800-962-2873 | Online at: ReportAbuse.dcf.state.fl.us MISSION: We are dedicated to protecting vulnerable adults from further abuse, neglect, exploitation, or self-neglect and enabling adults with disabilities to remain in the community.. Florida law requires the reporting of known or suspected abuse, neglect, exploitation.

Florida advocacy council or Disability Rights Florida member of the vulnerable adult to an appropriate medical or protective services facility in order to provide emergency protective services. Law enforcement personnel have a duty to transport when medical transportation is not available or needed and the vulnerable adult presents a threat.

APS agencies are the adult equivalent to Child Protective Services and play a critical role in combating elder abuse or the abuse of other vulnerable adults. Such abuse can include neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional or psychological abuse, abandonment, or financial abuse. Development of Adult Protective Services.