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batgirl fanfic fiction story erotic adult

Located: DC Verse Comics > Batgirl After capturing all of Gotham City's villains and a drug dealer by the name of Martel, Gotham City attracts a whole slew of investors. One investor, Spencer Barnes, opens up a casino and promises to donate part of profits to charity.

The sexy Annika is save, Batgirl and Catgirl still suffer! Batgirl and Catgirl make up, Foes Prepare, A Kitten Suffers. Batgirl & Robin respond to a Code Red - The Watcher benefits. Batgirl's Hol, Robin suffers (or does he?) & Sexy Foes plan. and other exciting erotic at!

This story is a basically a mash up of excerpts and I felt it was the proper send off for Batgirl. As most of you know, the Batgirl I use is the one that Yvonne Craig (1937 - 2015) portrayed in the 1960's show. So not a whole lot of sex in the story, but hopefully you can hear the talented actors, both male and female, throughout this fanfic.