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Adult Swim (stylized as [adult swim]) is a Canadian English-language discretionary service, based on the U.S. programming block of the same name, that features animated and live-action shows targeting primarily a 18–34 audience.Network: Cartoon Network (2012–2019).

• ADULT SWIM PODCAST – New Episodes Weekly • ADULT SWIM FESTIVAL – Got Tickets Yet? • HAVE YOU FOUND THE RICKMOBILE? • ROBOT CHICKEN – Here's The Season Premiere! • BLACK JESUS – Get The Good Word • ON CINEMA Season 11 – Here's The Season Premiere! • FINAL SPACE – Whoa! Inner Space!

Schedule | Adult Swim. From Original animated comedies to live action programming, Adult Swim content is an unexpected blend of authenticity, originality, and cleverness. Engaging audiences through a bold and irreverent voice, Adult Swim offers an immersive experience that places fans at the center, bringing together comedy, gaming, music and live events.