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Therapy and Treatment of Voice Problems (Dysphonia) Adult Stuttering and Stammering (Adult Dysfluency) Treatments for Adult Stuttering and stammering (Dysfluency) Tips and Advice for Public Speaking; Adult Hearing Loss and Impairment (Deafness) Hearing Tests, Hearing Aids & other Equipment for Hearing Impaired and Deaf individuals.

This information is used to make recommendations for your treatment. Check out our blog post: 5 things to expect in a stuttering consultation. What happens when I go for treatment? AIS offers holistic treatment that is individualized according to each person’s unique need. While every person is different, therapy commonly involves.

Two Effective Stuttering Treatment Programs for Adult Stuttering and Teenagers. There are only a few research evidence-based stuttering treatment programs for adult stuttering and teenagers. Below are two of the most effective of these programs.