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Adult Urethral Stricture Disease after Childhood Hypospadias Repair adult repair of ypospadia

Hypospadias Repair. At the onset of the repair, the foreskin may not be removed because this may aid in the repair or surgery, so children with hypospadias is not circumcised. It is mentioned that only surgery is the answer to this problem and there are several reasons why surgery should be performed. These may also be coined as the types of.

Hypospadias repair is often done in a 90-minute (for distal) to 3-hour (for proximal) same-day surgery. In some cases the repair is done in stages. These are often proximal cases with severe chordee. The pediatric urologist often wants to straighten the penis before making the urinary channel.

Hypospadias Re-Do Surgery – Adult Patients born with hypospadias who undergo repair are at risk for the development of urethral strictures. A high percentage of our patients with stricture disease report a history of hypospadias repair during childhood.