Hypospadias Treatment | Penile Hypospadias Surgery - adult hypospadius correction


Management of adults with prior failed hypospadias surgery adult hypospadius correction

The Sava Perovic Foundation provides correction of all congenital defects and urethral anomalies as well as iatrogenic hypospadias and other acquired iatrogenic mishaps caused at any pediatric clinic or pediatric department anywhere. Our pediatric urology hypospadias repair is not experimental.

Adult hypospadias CAN be repaired with excellent results. The child grows into an adult learning to accept and tolerate the failed hypospadias surgery and various hypospadias repair complications — but quality of life is not good.

Hypospadias Initial Treatment – Adult; We initially determine if there is any disabling downward curvature (chordee) that requires correction, and perform a complete urethral evaluation to assess the presence or absence of stricture. Often the urethra can be repaired in one stage using redundant dorsal penile skin as a flap to create a new.