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Exploring the Adult Life of Men and Women With Fragile X Syndrome: Results From a National Survey adult fragile

This research seeks to understand how protein formation in the brain is affected in fragile X syndrome (FXS). Researchers will measure the rate at which the brain makes proteins (protein synthesis) and may identify specific parts of the brain affected in FXS. In the future, measurement of protein.

In this study, we explored the adult life of men and women with the full mutation of the FMR1 gene, as reported by parents in a large national survey. In an additional goal, we focused on identifying factors related to achieving independence in the adult life of men and women with fragile X syndrome.Cited by: 78.

The gene for Fragile X (the FMR1 gene) is on the X chromosome, which is why Fragile X syndrome is called an X-linked disorder. Often in these disorders, only females are carriers and only males are affected. However, in Fragile X, both males and females can be .