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Adult Fitness Gym Memberships start as low as $30/month. As one of Northern Virginia’s most versatile fitness centers, The nZone offers a wide range of fitness classes throughout the week. Our regular schedule is listed below, but you can always double check on a specific class on our daily schedule. Have questions about an adult fitness class?

Adult Fitness Classes. JTCC has been expanding beyond tennis workouts to ensure our athletes, members, and member’s family have other fun workout options. We now offer a Fitness Boot Camp that is for all levels as well as a relaxing yoga to help stretch and relax after a busy day.

Adult Acro Have you always wanted to learn how to do a cartwheel? Or try a somersault (without breaking your neck, haha)? Are you curious about headstands; or handstands!? Whether you’re learning for yourself or are looking to keep up with your kids, this class is for you! LEARN MORE Adult Dance Class will incorporate: [ ].