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Xena's worse fears have come true and knowledge of her relationship with Gabrielle has made Gabrielle a target for those who oppose the Empress. Intrigue, betrayal, and conspiracyimperil alliances, friendships, and lives. Xena soon discovers that no one is above suspicion as she exposes a plot that threatens to thwart her plans of conquest.

Welcome to my Xena/Gabrielle femslash fanfiction website! 🙂 The banner for this site was created by Silvermoonlight. You will find links to her artworks and fanfic at the bottom of my Links page.. Some of the content of this website includes some written material that can be described as explicit erotic femslash fiction.

Xena and Gabrielle hope to adjust to their new relationship and forget the horrors of Dreyas. Following a chance meeting with a man which ends with a dire need for an antidote, Xena and Gabrielle are reluctantly thrust into a world filled with dirty politics, forbidden love and betrayal, and must get to the bottom of a deadly plot or forever lose themselves in the process.